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Kohl in the Community

Music at Kohl Mansion is dedicated to bringing our love of music to the community. We currently partner with the Recreation & Parks departments of Burlingame and Millbrae to offer programming for senior citizens and children at very low-cost to participants. We bring together our community's elders with pre-school-5th grade children for culturally enriching and enlightening experiences. Also included for the seniors is a complimentary docent tour of the historic Kohl Mansion on each Children’s Concert day.

For a schedule of these concerts and performers, see Children's Concerts.

Musical Conversations

Music at Kohl Mansion collaborates with our community partners, the San Mateo Public Library and the Peninsula Jewish Community Center (Foster City), to expand our offering of chamber music to the community. At these concerts, ensembles that are performing on the Kohl Mansion mainstage also bring their music to our community venues. Music at Kohl's resident musicologist, Kai Christiansen, leads the Musical Conversations at the San Mateo Public Library.

Family Concerts

Music at Kohl Mansion also offer admission-free Family Concerts with our community partner, the San Mateo Public Library. These events expose audiences of all ages to the music, poetry, language, history, and customs of many world cultures. Recent seasons have featured the music of Latin America, Asia, the Caribbean Islands, and Africa, with styles from flamenco, tango and Cuban son, to folk and tribal songs, jazz, pop, blues, and swing, as well as traditional Western classical music. These musical forms reflect the artistic and cultural music of the Bay Area’s diverse communities.

For a schedule of concerts and performers, see Family Concerts.